We Wish You a ‘Driftwood‘ Christmas


With Christmas approaching our thoughts turn to decorating the house and garden with baubles, tinsel, lights and snowmen to be enjoyed by all the family.  Wood is an important Christmas item due to the Christmas tree tradition.  Germany is credited with starting the tradition as we now know it, when, in the 16th century, devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes.

 It is often difficult to find something a little bit different, something that stands out from the crowd, something that will be remembered well into the new year. At Rainforest Relics we love to decorate our driftwood sculptures in unusual and festive ways to create totally unique Christmas displays for your home or garden. A beautiful, original driftwood sculpture can be given a new identity by using your imagination and a few accessories.  Pinnacles, the remnants of trees which have been eaten by mussels and sculpted by water to create their fascinating shape, can so easily be strewn with tinsel, lights, mistletoe, even fake snow to add a real Christmas feel.  Their fantastic shape is perfect for being completely swaddled in Christmas decorations, and the rough texture of these pieces of driftwood holds everything in place so easily. 

Our wooden platters can be used to display fabulous Christmas scenes, using candles, garlands, tinsel and pom poms.  Move them around your festive home, enhancing your colour scheme for this year!  Next year you can start again with a totally new design for your driftwood platter, after using it as a grazing platter during the summer of course!

On Christmas Eve, leave a driftwood platter by the fireplace for Father Christmas with his traditional mince pie, glass of milk and a carrot for Rudolf!  At Rainforest Relics we have lovely round platters perfect for this Christmas Eve tradition to be reinvented with the use of a beautiful piece of driftwood.

Our driftwood jungle cups can become festive jungle cups by filling them to the brim with holly and ivy, a lovely selection of baubles in your favourite colour or some tinsel, and of course some festive lights.  Display the wooden cups around the house and add the scent of cinnamon for a truly festive experience.

However you choose to decorate your wood, driftwood sculptures and wooden relics from Rainforest Relics, they will look unique, beautiful and festive.  We Wish You a Driftwood Christmas and a Happy New Year!