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Rainforest Relics – Driftwood Sculptures

Our products at Rainforest Relics are beautiful, original pieces of recovered driftwood sourced from below water, created without the influence of man. With our fantastic range of driftwood sculptures, unique wooden items and unusual relics, large and small, we have created a website full of wooden sculptures and driftwood to buy online.   Enjoy viewing our collection of driftwood sculptures, pinnacles, garden wood relics and driftwood planks for sale, and the amazing range of shapes, sizes, colours and textures found in each one.

Our driftwood sculptures are unique, beautiful pieces of recovered driftwood sourced from below water in the deep valleys of South America, Asia, and all around the world.  The totally individual shapes and textures of our naturally formed driftwood sculptures have been created due to centuries of erosion to the trees in the naturally flooded forest areas, rainforests and the natural currents of the water they inhabit. This is a natural decaying process created over hundreds of years and results in the totally individual shapes and textures of the driftwood pieces and wood sculptures available to buy online at Rainforest Relics. No two pieces are the same. They have literally been 12,000 years in the making.
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Our stunning wooden sculptures for sale with their wide variety of character, will enhance any garden, interior or landscape.  In shop windows and retail areas they can be a fantastic way to draw attention to items being displayed, using their unusual shapes to hang, drape and showcase items at their best.  In garden centres they fit in with the natural landscape and environment, and a landscape gardener can create a bespoke design incorporating natural driftwood into a themed garden. Any garden or landscaped area will be transformed by a sculpture for the garden and we have a fantastic range of garden driftwood for sale.  Use some to add to the myriad of colours and textures already present in most gardens and outdoor spaces.

Rainforest Relics is where to find driftwood for sale in the UK.   We have small pieces of driftwood for sale that are suitable to be placed anywhere indoors or outside.  We have a large range of pinnacles, the remnants of trees which have been eaten by mussels and sculpted by water to create their fascinating shape.  The higher the pinnacle, the greater the diameter at the base making them perfect to place in a set of differing sizes.  If you are feeling creative use small pieces of driftwood to create art, mirror frames and picture frames to make perfect driftwood gifts.  Mount small and medium interior sculptures on stands and wonder at the shapes, textures and individuality they bring to any area.  Create a focal point in an empty corner of your room with a medium size driftwood sculpture, add lights for atmosphere and let your sculpture become a talking point when guests enter the room. Fill your flower beds with texture and interest by placing a driftwood ornament amongst the plants or rockery in your garden. Large wood sculptures, and totally unique pieces of driftwood, such as wooden furniture or the driftwood horse, will suit any garden or outdoor area that requires a focal point like no other.  In a vivarium or dry aquarium, a small piece of driftwood will add character and variety amongst the plants and décor.  Place a large wooden sculpture in your office reception area for visitors to admire.  Wherever our small or large driftwood sculptures are placed they will look stunning and unique.

Needing no treatment, other than a wash with water, our driftwood sculptures are easy, original, fascinating additions to your garden, home, retail area, restaurant, garden centre or landscape. Washing your driftwood relic will bring out a whole new character, colour and beauty to your wood sculpture.  Browse our website to see the versatile uses of our products from a platter for an unforgettable buffet, to an enormous drift wood sculpture in an atrium.

Our products are unique, beautiful pieces of recovered driftwood sculptures from rainforests all around the world. Our driftwood sculptures will enhance any garden, interior or landscape. All our smaller sculptures such as pinnacles are suitable to be placed anywhere in homes and bigger sculptures such as the driftwood horse or furniture look nice in gardens or anywhere outside. But wherever our sculptures are placed they will look enhancing and unique. Our driftwood sculptures have been sourced from places all over the world such as below water in the deep valleys of South America and Asia. But we are careful at all times and aware of our environmental obligations.

Driftwood sculptures and relics have been created in the naturally “flooded rainforests and around places the rainforests. None of these driftwood sculptures have been made by humans or influenced by humans; they are completely natural and have been created over hundreds of years. The natural decaying process of waste wood creates the amazing and totally individual shapes and textures of each driftwood sculpture and relic. None of our sculptures are the same, the relics collected from similar places may look the same, but no two driftwood sculptures are exactly the same, this is what makes each of our driftwood sculptures and relics so individual and unique. So over centuries of erosion to the trees in the “flooded forest areas, we are left with the naturally formed driftwood sculptures that we have today.

Our driftwood sculptures come in a wide variety of sizes and range from 3 feet to 33 feet and with every wooden driftwood sculpture being its own individual size they can weigh anything from a few pounds to a few tonnes.  With thousands of driftwood sculptures and wooden relics to buy online, you will find the perfect wood sculpture for any location.  Talk to us at Rainforest Relics for any help and advice.